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Facebook Dark Mode – Do you know what dark modes on Facebook does, it gives you a very refreshing change from the normal setting on the Facebook platform. It really does make the Facebook platform very enticing and lovable. The truth is, not just Facebook only offers the dark mode feature, very many other platforms offer it too.

Facebook as a very great social networking media gets every of its user thinking and reasoning every moment what manner of wonderful and intelligent platform it is. Always putting up good innovations and widening the services it offers to suit every users desire. Facebook facilitates the following:

  • Communication
  • Product promotion(Advertising)
  • Marketing( Buying and selling of products) etc.

Facts About The FB Dark Mode

Truth be told, the dark mode on FB is one of the most trending innovations on Facebook as everyone seems on the move always to start using the mode. This dark mode saves your device’s battery following the fact that the mode reduces the light effect on your screen. It also helps you in beautifying your Facebook and making it lovable as said earlier. Dark Mode though gets turned on Facebook messenger, note that.

How To Enable Facebook Dark Mode

The dark mode currently on FB, trust me the step to turning to the mode is so easy. Now haven understood the point I made earlier following the Fact that you must be using FB messenger to activate the dark mode, see the steps you must follow further then to get on the mode below:

  • Firstly open your Facebook messenger app and open a conversation with a friend also
  • Click on the emoji option then. This action opens the emoji platform for you
  • Critically observe the emojis and tap on the crescent emoji
  • Now click the send icon
  • This gets a question for you requesting you to ”try in settings”. Accept by clicking ”try in settings”
  • This now takes you to the settings section or page where you can now switch on the FB dark mode or switch of the FB dark mode.

Very many FB users have this misconception of the main Facebook app having the dark mode. That isn’t true at all as the dark mode isn’t on the main Facebook app but just on Facebook messenger. With the easy-made steps I’ve made available for you above, you can simply turn on or off the dark mode on FB messenger.

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