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Facebook Messenger App Download Free – Facebook is filled with lots of superb ideas and initiatives that makes it still rank every passing year as the fastest rapid growing social platform in the world. The main idea though for Facebook platform is to connect people all around the world together and to make this measure of connectivity very interesting and easy it brought out a separate app called messenger app. Now it’s cool I bring to your notice that Facebook messenger app download is free of charge.

Facebook has lots of features. So many social and professional features to say and the features over the years have always been very helpful to all Facebook users. But when the messenger app was developed and jointly with Facebook, this platform for text chatting became a world-class best messaging platform. It may interest you to know that Facebook does lots of upgrades and update and one of the best updates so far it has made is developing a messaging app called messenger app that enhances communication between friends and well-wishers.

Facebook Messenger App Features

Facebook messenger app has lots of features but let me bring you closer so you might get familiar with the most needed and basic features. See features below:

  • Video call: Facebook messenger came on board with an advanced mode of communication which will enable you to see the face of the friend you set a call with. This is what is referred to as a face to face communication and I know you would surely love to see what this communication measure looks like. So get the messenger app and check it out.
  • Voice call: There is also leverage to make calls with any friend on the messenger app anytime you wish to. Just provide yourself a good service provider and quality data charge and you’re good to go. This action starts up once you’ve set up a conversation with a friend.
  • Messaging: the main idea though behind this app is to enhance messaging and communication between friends. We can, therefore, say that this is the primary reason for the Facebook messenger app. This also gives you the privilege to carry out some other miscellaneous offers such as sharing of files, photos, videos, etc.
  • Active Friends: the messenger app once your Facebook account is logged in shows you a list of friends that are currently online. This seems so wonderful as you don’t get to stress yourself trying to figure out if a friend is online or not.
  • Stories: This app displays daily story uploads of friends. These stories stays for a complete cycle of 24hours and you always have the opportunity to view these stories.

Messenger App

This messaging app is so easy to use. Currently, this application is available for Android, iOS and Windows devices. So go now and get your app if your phone is compactable with the app and you have a Facebook account of which I believe you have yours. Should in case you don’t have a Facebook account yet go to the Facebook official site then create one for yourself after now.

What Do I Need To Start Using Messenger App

What grants you the access to use facebook messenger app is your FB account. This is your access criteria. Once you download the app, you can now login with your FB account.

How To Download Facebook Messenger For Android Devices Free

The download for this facebook fast messaging app is free. Now do the following below and download the app.

  • Go to androids official store which is play store
  • Search for Facebook messenger app
  • Download app thereafter when it comes up.

Install Messenger app

You will definitely be denied access to using this app until you get to install the app. So once the download is complete the step to take is to install the app. To do that just click on install after you’re done downloading the app from play store

Do I need To Update Messenger App?

With time, upgraded versions of messenger app will definitely come on board. It is most important you get to update your app then once you get the notification of a new version being out. To perform this function then, see what you have to do:

  • Go to play store(for android devices)
  • Search for Facebook Messenger app
  • Click on the app once it appears and finally click update.

This action gets you the newest version of the messenger app then at that instance. Messenger app is an app for all and it will be very awesome you get the app today and join the long queue of worldwide users. Don’t forget that Facebook messenger app download is free.

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