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Facebook Messenger For Android – The Facebook Messenger app commonly known as messenger isn’t a new app any longer. It is assumed that almost all FB users knows about the Facebook messenger app and currently use it. Now Facebook messenger app though owned by Facebook is available for Android users. The same way this app is practically available for other device users, it is also available for you if you’re an Android user.

Facebook Messenger for Android devices just like the app on any other device has a wonderful interface that seems friendly for all its users. Currently, if you aren’t using the Facebook messenger app regardless of the device you make use of, then you are still aback. This app is a text chatting or instant messaging app available for all FB users for connectivity. In this context, the main idea is to take you through the guidelines you have to take to download and install the FB messenger app as an android user. More also you will gain from this article when best and how to make app update if currently you are using the app on your device.

How To Download Facebook Messenger App | Install Messenger App

Very many Facebook users think this very task is a very cumbersome one. Trust me, it will amaze you how easy the steps to doing this will appear even when you start putting what’s here into practice. I assure you there isn’t any form of complexity regarding the download and install process. You must also understand also that the best place to download messenger app for android devices is android’s official store which is Play Store. Now see the steps to download and install messenger app for android:

  • Open Play Store on your android device
  • Input Facebook messenger app on the search box therein
  • Now click on search
  • Tap on the app when it pops up
  • Click Download

Install Messenger App

Just downloading the app without installing it makes the app unavailable for use too. This, therefore, means that you must do well to install app once the download completes. Now to install, just tap on the install option that displays once the download completes and that successfully launches the messenger app on your android device.

Update Messenger App For Android Device

Like every other app upgrades and makes changes regarding their features and offers. Facebook messenger app also makes changes and upgrades as an app and it is expected of you as a user to update the app once the one in use becomes outdated. To update app then see what you have to simply do below:

  • Go to Playstore
  • Search for Facebook messenger app
  • Click on update

That seems very simple, isn’t it? You must note that there isn’t a need for deleting the old app before you make an update. Deleting the outdated app takes you to a long process of app update that compels you to download the app afresh.

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