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Google Hangouts app – Currently, I know you are looking for a very safe place to chat with friends and well-wishers, that is why I am taking out time to introduce you to this Google platform called Google hangouts. This platform is a world-class online-based environ that functions very smoothly and never gives its users a hard time to learn and master its features.

Google hangouts tracing it back to may 15th 2013, the app was released and Google LLC are the developers of the app. Google hangout is a very unique social media. Yeah it is really a social media and it has all social media features and even with some improved features, you will get to enjoy while using the app. There is never a limitation or restriction to using Google Hangouts as the app is available for both Android, iOs and other smartphones in the world today.

Google Hangouts

In as much as we assure you that ones you get yourself a smartphone, you can now start using Google hangouts. There are some few things that may likely pull you off from the use of the hangouts platform. But I don’t want you to fret over that fact because I will make you understand what the limiting factors are. To become eligible regarding using hangouts on your device:

  • The hangouts app should be installed on your smart device
  • There is also a need to create a Google account for yourself. I am not just talking about an account here, but let it be a very active and functional account. This is the main factor that may restrict you from using Google Hangouts. The truth is your login details to this social media is your Google account details, so if you have non, definitely, you will never be granted access to sign in. The Google hangout, therefore, seems to be one of the offers and services Google gives.

Putting those two things in place, therefore, gives you an open floor that will make you have access to Google hangouts and sign in to it. Here also I want to give you the easiest step to downloading the suitable app for this Google service using Android devices as a case study here.

How To Download Google Hangouts For Android Devices

Presently the best place to get apps is from the Google play store and I believe every android user has the play store app on their mobile devices. So to download this app preferably from the play store which is android official market or store, see what you have to do:

  • Turn on your android phone and unblock the phone if it is locked. Continue is the phone isn’t blocked too.
  • Find Google play app. You can simply search for the play store app too to find it and make everything faster.
  • Open the play store app then.
  • Search For Google Hangouts.
  • Click on the app once it displays.
  • Now download App by clicking download.
  • Lastly, install the app to your device.

This app most times comes with android devices once you buy them. The android devices already have the app installed on them so you don’t have to start downloading the app again. All you have to check out for is a notification for the needful update of the app whenever it comes up and do the necessary app update.


  • Google hangouts present to all its users so many benefits. The first being that it is a great platform that facilitates the share of information and communication.
  • On Google Hangouts, there is leverage to communicate and relay necessary Infos to more than one person at the same time. This is made possible because there is an opportunity for every user to create groups or to be added to groups and we know what groups does. You send just one message and every participant of the group get what you send to them.
  • There is a video call and voice call feature on the platform. With this, you make normal calls and also make Face to face communication with your friends.
  • On this platform, you can share photos, videos, documents e.t.c.

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