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Google Translate – This is referred to as a very free multilingual machine for translation of languages. This service was developed by Google on 28th April 2006. This service gives a website interface, mobile application for both ios and Android devices. This google service currently seems available in over 103 different languages. Now you see, it’s a Google service for all irrespective of your country.

This Google service is mostly loved by very many persons who use it because it happens to be the only platform with which you can communicate with anybody freely with little or no stress regardless of the country difference and the language they speak or write. Now it, therefore, means that someone who speaks and writes English can get into a conversation with a person that speaks and writes Chinese and the conversation will flow so well with Google translate. This goes for all other languages too.

This google service translates both media, multiple forms of text that encompasses speech, videos, and images. The functions of Google translate are here below:

  • Image translation
  • Handwritten translation
  • Mobile app translation
  • Speech translation
  • Website translation
  • Written words translation.

How To Download Google Translate App For Android Phones

The google translate service has a very user-friendly application which you can conveniently use to translate anything at all you wish to whether videos, images, and texts. This doesn’t in any way mean that you can not use a web browser though to translate things online. To download this app, it is very simple and this procedure is really meant for android users but the same procedure though goes for ios devices. Now see what you have to do below:

  • Turn on your phone and open play store
  • Search for Google translate
  • Click the app and click download then when it shows up
  • Finally, install the app on your phone. This approach as said ealier goes for people using ios phones. You only have to visit the suitable store of your device and get the app easily there.

For social media lovers that love conversing and making new friends with people outside your domain or people that are not from your country and don’t speak nor understand your language. Google translate is a very good option with which you can converse with them comfortably. As a marketer, this Google service can go a long way to help you in having work conversations with foreign partners.

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