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So many Facebook users have been faced with the challenge of how to activate the free facebook mode even when they have full knowledge of what free Facebook mode entails. Most persons too haven’t been opportuned to know what free Facebook mode entails. As the case may be, the fact is that there is a mode known as the free mode that is available for all Facebook users and here in this context I want to teach you how to activate the free Facebook mode. This lesson isn’t for a set of persons. It is for those that know and down to people who haven’t heard about the free mode here on FB.

Free facebook mode activation simply means taking the proper steps or going through the due settings to launch the FB free mode. This on a clearer note means to go to free mode. Facebook over the years remains the only social media that grants free access to all its users even till this very time. The truth is that no other social platform that is online-based has been able to do that. I guess you really do know what it means for an online platform to give its users access to use the platform and perform a whole lot of functions without any data bandwidth. This is a very considerate and welcoming act FB has put up. This also adds to the fast rate at which the social medias growth is on the increase.

Activate Facebook Free Mode

FB free mode activation brings you to a new FB page when you have logged in your account. Now right there on the page, the features that display isn’t exactly the same thing with the main FB features. Now to know you are on the free mode:

  • You won’t see photos
  • Inability to see live stories
  • You become unable to watch videos

Chatting, mobile uploads, notifications, status uploads, making comments and reacting on people’s posts are mainly the things you can do on the FB media while accessing it for free.

Steps To Activate Free Mode

You now have a choice to take between the data mood and free mode whenever you want to browse the FB platform. The data mood uses data charges accordingly regarding any task you execute. While the free mode seems more conservative for your data bundle. Now to launch the free mode, just login to your account and on your account homepage, find Go to free. This is at the top part of the FB page and precisely at the right hand part of it. Click on the Go to Free and you automatically see yourself on a new page which is the free mode page.

How To Turn To Data Mode

To go back to the data mood on Facebook when you get tired of using Facebook for free. This may be probably because you aren’t offered the privilege to use all FB features. See the step you have to follow below:

  • On the free mode page, click on See photos at the top right part of the page
  • A new page pops up requesting you to use data
  • Click on USE DATA and this brings you over to the data ode on Facebook.

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