Instagram App – How To Download Instagram App For Android And iOS Devices | Install Instagram App For Android And iOS Devices

Instagram app isn’t a new social networking media app anyways but I want to keep all my visitors updated with relevant facts and new ideas about the things they’ve had knowledge about before now. This social networking platform is also called IG or Insta. When you talk of a social networking media that is concerned with photo and video sharing, then all that you should think is Instagram. It is, therefore, a Photo and video showcase platform owned by Facebook, Inc.

About Instagram

This social media was launched in Oct. 2010 but exclusively on iOS devices. It was created by Kevin Systrom and also Mike Krieger. This social network as a very sound platform was worked on and made available also for Android users and thereby releasing a version for Android devices in April 2012. What followed this also was a featured limited website interface made available in November 2012.

How Instagram App Works

  • Instagram app allows every user to make photo upload and videos. This is the services it does offer and it has mostly increased the interest individual develop for the platform and make more persons sign up and get started on the platform every passing day.
  • These photos and videos you share on the platform always, there are a lot of filters with which they can be edited with, more also organized with tags and location information.
  • Any account’s post on IG can be shared publicly or with pre-approved followers.
  • On IG users can browse other peoples contents by tags and also with locations. More also view trending contents.
  • On IG you can follow users, like photos and thereby adding their contents to a feed.

IG Added Features

Instagram also has some added features that thrill users on the platform. More also makes it more entertaining and enjoyable see the features below:

  • This online platform has a messaging feature that allows you to converse with other users.
  • On Insta, you can now post multiple photos and videos even in a single post as well as stories. These stories stay through a complete cycle of 24hours and remain accessible within that period for other users to view,
  • On Instagram, you have the opportunity to work on your account settings at any point in time and you can decide to set your account as private. This thereby requires you to approve any followers request.
  • Your IG account can be connected to your other social media accounts thereby allowing them to share uploaded photos to those other social sites. Instagram has also a call enabling feature that allows you to make video and voice calls. There are just numerous features on the Instagram platform, its quite ideal you launch the app today, sign up an account and start seeing how the social media works.

Now to get on this platform and enjoy all its features because I’m really sure as it is certain that anyone who joins IG will definitely find the platform entertaining. To join this trending platform then, visit the sites official website which is and sign up from there. More also you can make the sign up procedure easier by getting the Instagram app downloaded and installed to your device.

Download And Install Instagram App On Android And iOS Devices

  • To download the Instagram app free to your Android and iOS device then, preferably visit your device’s app store.
  • Open the app store meant for your device
  • Search for ”Instagram app”
  • Download and Install app.

The Instagram app isn’t hard to use at all. You don’t need anyone to coach you on how to go about the app and its features trust me. Go get the app now.

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