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Know More About Google Drive – If by now you haven’t heard about Google drive then you seem very lucky getting on this platform and meeting this very content where I will be briefly discussing Google drive and its app download. Google Drive is a Google package or service made available to facilitate the sharing and storing of your files and documents. This Google service made available for all users maintains your documents for you ones you start using it. You, therefore, do not stand the chance or go through the risk of file loss which may seem so bad.

About Google Drive

This a file storage and synchronization service that is Google developed. It was launched on April 24th, 2012. As explained earlier, Google drive provides users and allow users to store file on its server, share files and synchronize file across devices. Adding to a website, this Google service, offers app even with offline capabilities for Windows and also macOS computers. More also, ios, Android, and tablets. Now see below for what Google drive encompasses:

  • Google docs
  • Google Sheets and Google slides

Now you must understand that all these which Google drive encompasses are part of an office suite which allows collaborative and editing of document, drawings, presentations, and others. Now the files edited and also created through the office suite are therefore saved in Google drive.
For persons that get short of storage space, Google drive seems to be the most preferred device storage resource for you as it provides you with a whole lot of free and large storage space. Google Drive as a Good storage facility, grants beginners a free memory space of over 15GB free for startup.

With the Google drive, you can do the following:

  • Backup files
  • Store files that range from photos, videos, documents, etc.

How To Download files from Google drive

This very function, the step seems different for different devices though they share some similarities. This means that if you can get it done for an android device, then you can simply do the same for an iPhone and iPad. See how to download a file to a different app and save a photo or maybe video to your camera roll on an iPhone or iPad using that as an instance.

  • Open Google drive app
  • Tap the more option that is next to the file you wish to download
  • Click on Open in
  • Finally, choose the app you want to use.

Now see how to save a photo or video to camera roll then:

  • The same first step goes, which is open Google drive
  • Furthermore, tap the more option next to the file you want to download
  • What follows is for you to tap send a copy
  • Depending on your file then. Now tap save image or save video and that executes the function.

Google Drive as a file hosting platform is most efficient and excellent in what it offers and it’s an app that is worth downloading. You must understand conclusively that this platform grants users the enablements to go for further subscription in order to get more storage space when you run out of space and the one given earlier becomes insufficient.

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